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Top 10 Wedding Cakes of all Time

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Weddings are big, glamorous events and it’s only right to put a lot of time in its planning and preparation. One of the most important elements of a wedding is the cake. You have to choose your wedding cake carefully so that it doesn’t just match the theme of your wedding, but it tastes so good as well.

When choosing wedding cakes, there are many factors to consider. The most important ones are style, look, capacity, and taste. Be sure that you cover all these bases when choosing which company will make your Brisbane wedding cake. If you need some inspiration as to what kind of cake to choose, below are the top 10 wedding cake design ideas that never wane throughout time.

1. Romantic wedding cakes

Weddings are all about love and romance, so why not splash them across your wedding cake? A good design suggestion would be flowers and hearts all over your cake. Add more sweet stuff into it and you’re all set.

2. Single tier wedding cakes

While multiple layer cakes are probably the most popular choices when it comes to wedding cakes, the single tier ones still remain as elegant. They’re nice and sweet, not to mention easy on the budget. Just choose the perfect topper and you’ll have the perfect cake.

3. Luxury wedding cakes

Luxurious wedding cakes are always a delight to see. Their elegant style exudes an unmistakable opulence. This is the wedding cake for people who have an open wedding budget. This one is sure to give them the best cake cutting experience.

4. Wedding cheesecake

Not all wedding cakes have to be sweet. If you’re not really into sweet and sugary dessert, a wedding cheesecake may be your best choice. This one’s made out of a cheese wheel so you’re literally eating cheese, not cake. If you don’t want to be conventional, then this is the option for you.

5. Foliage wedding cakes

Rustic and vintage weddings are quite popular these days. If that’s the theme you chose for your wedding, then you’ll definitely delight in a foliage wedding cake. It’s also perfect for a boho-themed wedding.

6. Dark chocolate wedding cakes

This type of wedding cake is highly recommended for chocolate lovers. Chocolate looks and tastes so yummy. Every guest will definitely notice your cake because it’s different from the usual white wedding cakes.

7. Wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes aren’t for kid’s birthday party only. They’re perfect for weddings as well. What’s so good about cupcakes is that you can combine different flavors and everyone can have a taste of the cake. No need to cut a slice for everybody.

8. Wedding donuts

If there are wedding cupcakes, you can add your own twist to that and make your wedding donuts. The same idea is in play, and this is the perfect choice for people who prefer donuts over cakes at any time of the day.

9. Modern wedding cakes

There are wedding cakes that sport a contemporary design. If you’re in the market for something unique, then this is your best choice. Take a look at the newest design trends in wedding cakes for inspiration.

10. Classic wedding cake

Who doesn’t want the true and tested wedding cakes? The classic fondant cakes never fade. They still are the most preferred types of couples because they signify everything that a wedding should be.

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