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The Top Causes of Clogged Toilet

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There are many reasons why our toilet is clogged, and when our toilet is clogged, it is very frustrating to deal with. Clogging problems can cause you quite a money, stress, and an unflushed toilet. In this article we will talk about the common reasons why a toilet is clogged, maybe it is because of the septic tank or maybe it is because of the use of toilet as a trashcan, whatever it is we will talk about it. We will also give you some tips or suggestions if you ever experienced a clogged toilet, and if you are experiencing a clogged toilet now, we suggest you to contact a plumber for a Baytown plumbing experience.

But before diving into the topic, let us first know what clogging actually is. Clogging is a block or become blocked with an accumulation of thick, wet matter or a solid. Clogging typically occurs in household sinks, bathroom, and etc. There are ways to prevent things from clogging and there is also a reason why it clogs and we are going to be talking about it.

• Tissues and Diapers

When these two things are flushed, it would be a cause of disaster, you won’t be able to do your business. Tissues are commonly flushed when there is a toilet but you shouldn’t do that because it can actually be a cause of clogging. Diapers too are the same but less common, but despite that lazy people still do it till now. It is really recommended to not flush solids into your toilet because it can cause a lot of damage.

• Septic Tank

When as septic tank is full it would be a cause of clogging because it overflows things and when things overflow it would be messy and dirty especially since it is the toilet where waste goes down. When this does happen, you should contact experts because it would turn into a bigger problem. When your septic tank is full, it would cause a bad odor and pollution which is very bad because it could be a cause of death. So, try to maintain the normal health of the septic tank, try to not waste water, and try not to put waste in the septic tank.

• Food

There are some people who flushes waste food in the toilet and that is absolutely a big no. When you are flushing food, it doesn’t only make you lost food but it also can be a cause of clogging. Waste food should be putted in the waste can or maybe feed it to the dog not drain it into the toilet. But if you do flush food then you will be expecting a lot of future problems ion your household.


Don’t flush anything that is not liquid because it can cause a lot of damages like clogging, a bad smell, pollution, and other negative effects of it.

Call and expert and ask them what to do when you have a clog toilet and if you still don’t know call them over to have an inspection. Although, it might cause some money, it is worth it if you want to use the bathroom in your house.

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