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It’s important that your air conditioner gets the much needed tender loving care by maintaining its parts and system. AC Repair Coral Springs recommends that you routinely maintain your air conditioner by changing the filters which you can do yourself but some others will require the help of professional service.  It’s important that you brush some of the dirt and eliminate all the obstructions from the drains and coils every cooling season.

Most of the time it’s going to need the service call from the professional but it all depends on your unit and your capabilities as owner. If you think that your air conditioner is not as efficient as before, it can be an indication that there is something wrong with it. If you think the problem is too complicated then it’s best that you leave the job to the professionals.


Another thing to look out for if your air conditioner is not producing air as much as it should could probably be because of a duct leakage. If you ducts have a leakage, up to 35% of the energy you consume will be sapped. You ducts outside your home should be well insulated. Meaning, they should be kept cool at all times because it will be ruined once it overheats. It is assured that once you seal all the duct leakage, your air flow will increase for half a ton. Sometimes the ducts can be hard to reach but if it is, seal it as soon as possible with a mastic or that white foam that you should paint on ducts. If you don’t know how to do that, you can always let the professionals do it for you.

If you want to improve your efficiency, you should seal all your leakages. Remember that there are also other surfaces that will maintaining for instance, your filter, your coils and the right voltage charge and the airflow. Another things that you should look upon is make sure that your compressor or your condenser is not hidden or from your sight so you make sure that it is free from obstructions like leaves and insects that may block and clog the airflow.

If you are replacing your air conditioner, you have to look for a high efficiency equipment that has great efficacy rating. But it all depends in the climate of your country if you are considering the energy rating. If you live in a country or state with hot and dry climates, it is best to consider how best the equipment can dehumidify.

Also, if you want to improve the efficacy for your air conditioner, it is best to lie low it’s job. Reduce its size by improving your building for insulation or reduce the load that is internally generated that your air conditioner have to deal with regularly.

It is also important to have adequate ventilation for your air conditioner. If you don’t have it then it more likely for contaminants to go indoors that may cause health problems.

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When you have an air conditioner, you can savor the sweet relief of a cool house after going out in the summer heat. Not only can you prevent certain illnesses caused by the prickly summer heat like pneumonia among others, you can also be more comfortable in your home and not suffer from sweating so much.

Like all the other appliances in other homes around the world, your air conditioner needs a little tender loving care too in order for it to run smooth and efficient. Air Duct Cleaning Coral Springs  are expert professionals in installing and cleaning your air conditioners and they are kind enough to share things that you need to know about your air conditioner.


You have to change the filters

When you have dirty filters, it’s going cost you your air conditioner when it finally can’t carry all the dirt anymore and it stops working. Your air conditioner can be efficient again when you install a new filter into it. It’s important that new filters is installed every month for the times when it is used the most.

All air conditioners have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). If you view the booklet that comes with it, it usually states the MERV of your air conditioner. The higher the number it’s going to have better filtration and therefore more energy needed to consume in order to pull the air through.

You have to fix the leaks

If your air conditioner leaks, your ducts will lose up to 35% of airflow. If you have a window air conditioner, it can be pretty hard (but not impossible! Professionals can do it!) since they tend to be tough to be sealed properly. What you can do is the smoke trick wherein you put a stick of incense and if its smoke blows around, then you definitely have a leakage.

You need to use the timer

You don’t have to turn your air conditioner at full blast when you are using it at home or at work. If you do this often, the energy consumed will be much higher therefore you will have higher electricity bill. Some new units of air conditioners already have the standard timer on it and it also have thermostat that can be customized and programmable to your preference. You can always schedule when you are going to turn it on or off and how cold it is going to be.

You have to insulate

Letting your air conditioner turn on for the whole day will tire out your unit. In order for your ducts to be kept cool, you can wrap yours in foil tapes or use spray foam or rigid foam.

You need to free the compressor from obstructions

Your compressor is usually located outside your home that is close to your foundation when you have central air conditioner system. Your air conditioner will be more efficient if there is 24 inches of space in all its areas. You have to clear out branches, trees, and shrubs.

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Air conditioners have become a compulsory appliance in the homes around the world. Especially now, with the prickling heat of the summer, it can be an inconvenience and a bother. There are a lot of people that cannot live without air conditioner. In fact it is needed in their cars, rooms, offices, homes and pretty much everywhere. But why do we really need air conditioners? Not only does your space become dust-free because it filters the air around the room, it can also improve the quality of the air inside your room. There are a lot of things that an air conditioner can do for you and for over a period of time, you will still be able to use it.


With AC Installation, comes the great comfort and coolness. When we are in a very comfortable condition, we as humans tend to work more efficiently and the productivity reaches the maximum, hence we are able to work with great vigor.

Fresh Air

The fresh air can be taken inside from the outside at any time just by opening your windows. Your air conditioner can also do that for you, just without the obstructions that will come from opening your windows or doors like insects and perhaps leaves from trees. Not only do you get the advantages of a great indoor air quality from your air conditioner, you are also freeing yourself from the stress of opening and closing your windows when you have no time to do it.

Less noise

When you have air conditioner, you have to keep your room or your office closed. In that way, there are less outside elements that will enter. One of the things you can eliminate from the inside of your home is the noise. It can give you the solitude that you need by the day and it can be perfect to give you the soothing that you need at night when you sleep. It can also maintain the peace and quiet at theaters and the hospitals. If you want to make the noise elimination to the next level, you can always opt to put soundproof on your home.

Better health

Your air conditioner helps in circulating the filtered air around the room therefore it helps in filtering the air from smoke, dirt particles, bacteria, microorganisms among others. Because the room is now filled with healthy air, you can make sure that the health of the individual inside the room is not compromised.

Increase efficiency

It’s no brainer that a comfortable environment really do influence our efficiency and productivity. It has been proven by research that our comfort conditions our working capacity. And as our comfortability increases, as do our working capacity. If the temperature inside the room is high, all the heat from the body is released and it may cause lack of concentration and irritation. We all have experienced that once we get all sweaty and hot, it can be a very uncomfortable and we get really tired very fast as compared to when we are in a cold room.

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