Top 4 Rules for an SEO-Wise Content 

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  1. Write for Humans, Not Search Engines   

Lately, we have noticed that more and more content creators and bloggers are going back to the conventional method of search engine optimization, wherein keywords meant to rank in search results surpassed the real benefits of valuable, engaging content. If that is you, now is the perfect time to change your mindset.    


Nowadays, a lot of people are still not utilizing long tail keywords and they even prefer to try to manipulate search engines instead. Certainly, that is a wrong approach in SEO for contractors. When writing contents for your blog, you should never prioritize search engines over the human intellect.  

Instead, try your best to write engaging content for the users and they are those people who have real eyes to read as well as credit cards to buy the product or hire the service you offer. Keep in mind that search spiders are just scripts, which means they will not buy your products and they do not engage with you personally on social media, and above all else, they will not become your loyal customer.    

Funny enough, the moment you put people first, you will actually write helpful content that most search engines will reward. This is due to the fact that search engines follow users – not the other way around. Aside from that, you will be building trust with your audience and enhancing the user experience at the same time.     

  1. Optimize Your Meta Tags and Title   

Meta tags and HTML titles must be different on each page of your site if you wish for search engines to list and store them in the search results. In fact, SEO experts have experimented with these pieces of code in order to help us reach an accepted conclusion regarding with how best to use them as well as what happens the moment you optimize them.    

  1. Page Layout is Very Important 

When you create articles and you do it under the rules of Google and other search engines, it can surely increase your chances of getting ranked. Engaging in keyword research in order to determine what most people are searching for using search engines can be really effective. Thus, creating content that most people are already looking for is definitely an effective SEO tactic. However, it’s also important that you know the on-page layout recommendations of Google as it can help a lot. Do you know what META title tags are? How about an H1 tag or a META description? Do you know how to generate and choose linking anchor texts? It is extremely important that you know all these things.   

  1. Adding External Links 

Other than offering internal links, which are links leading to your own website, you should also offer links to authority sites, which are websites that provide similar information. As a matter of fact, the more external links you have in your content, the more attention you will get from Google and other search engines. But, make sure that none of these links are spam or broken, or a competitor of the product or service you offer.

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